Preparing for your session


Frankly, I like helping my clients prepare for their portrait sessions so I always ask the question, “what are you planning to be photographed in?” The answer tells me whether there is something in mind already available to wear or if clothing needs to be sourced elsewhere. Our studio has a small collection of beautiful gowns and props that clients are welcome to choose from, either to wear fully or add to what they already have.  Sometimes it is convenient for clients to WhatsApp me pictures of their clothing and other times I make appointments to go to their homes and look through their closets to see what they have and make suggestions. This is usually fun and costs nothing extra. Truth be told, sometimes clothing you think will photograph well, do not, and the one’s you think won’t are the right choice.

Though there are a few rules that are always good to follow, you can wear whatever you want, it’s your decision to make. It is best to wear flatter your body type and makes you feel comfortable. Rules to follow: No loud colors, horizontal or vertical stripes.


Have your hair styled in a style of your choice before coming to your photoshoot.  However, please do not color or dye your hair the day before your shoot as dyes can sometimes stain the scalp and will show up in your images.  Also, if you are planning a new hair cut, it is best to do so a few days in advance or after your session because a fresh hair cut will stand out more than you want it to in print.


It is really important that you remove all facial hair from the upper lip, chin and cheek. If any of your clothing is low cut and your chest will be exposed, it is best to remove all hair from your chest as well. Hairs are hard to cover up in post processing and you will find it is difficult to apply makeup over it. It is best to gently tweeze the hair rather than use a hair removal agent that will cause the skin to become discolored.


If you are accustomed getting your nails done, by all means do so. If on the other hand you do not, a simply coat of your favorite nail polish done by you would look great. You can even match the nail polish to the clothing you are going to be photographed in or just polish your nails clear or nude.


Keep your makeup simple and wear what you would for any other occasion.  We can provide a hair and makeup artist for your session for an extra fee.  At your consultation let me know and I will make the arrangements for you.